Mashing Tools...

Best Manufacturers makes a complete assortment of high quality mashing tools. Stainless steel heads firmly attached and completely sealed with epoxy to stainless steel or wood handles.
Mini Masher...

This might well be the handiest tool in the kitchen for eggs, dips, salads and is perfect to use when making guacamole. The stainless 3 inch serpentine-style wire is set in a 5/8" diameter stainless steel or wood handle and is hermetically sealed and dishwasher safe.
Made in USA

Length          Model #
8"                   SC-8
8"                   SC-8W      Wood Handle
8"                   SC-8D       Display Box  18 Ea
Standard Masher...

Best's Standard Masher is a perfectly balanced tool which allows the home cook to control the texture -  finely mashed or smashed to just-the-right lump size.  All purpose masher has a 4-1/2 inch wide serpentine-style stainless wire head, a 7/8 inch stainless, wood or red wood handle, and is hermetically sealed and dishwasher safe.
Made in USA

Length            Model #

10"                  SC-10   
10"                  SC-10W     Wood Handle
10"                  SC-10WR   Wood Handle Red
Commercial Size Masher...

Best's unique housewares offering from our professional line of mashers.  For heavy and large capacity use it has a 5 inch wide serpentine-style mashing head, a 1 inch diameter handle, is hermetically sealed and dishwasher safe
Made in USA

Length             Model #

11"                    SC-11
Wafflehead Masher...

Best's Waffle Head Masher has a head on it that look's just like it's name implies. The waffle shaped design is perfect for ricing or mashing potatoes or crushing fruits and vegetables. It has a 3 inch wide stainless head, a 7/8 inch stainless handle is hermetically sealed and dishwasher safe. This masher is also available in your choice of Best's "Flavors".
Made in USA

Length            Model #

10"                  WH-10
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